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Consults for Brain Stimulation Services

We require patients to have a consultation to determine if they are candidates for ECT or TMS for treatment refractory conditions of unipolar depression, bipolar depression, and schizophrenia. We request specific patient information regarding duration of psychiatric symptoms, treatment course, including medications, dosage, duration, and response. This information is vital to determine if these brain stimulation procedures may be helpful for the patient. Furthermore, insurers will not cover these procedures without explicit description for treatment resistance.

We generally request a physician referral for consultation. Most insurers require a referral before they are willing to cover the consultation. Here is the information requested of referrers (PDF) for consultation.

We also request information from the patient before actual contact with the Brain Stimulation consultation physician. Generally we ask for the following, which may be completed before arriving for the consultation:

When our MUSC Health physicians have received this information, and met with the patient, a decision can usually be made at the initial visit as to whether our Brain Stimulation treatments will be recommended.