Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - Coming Soon

A doctor dressing a wound

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, for adults ages 18 and older, is a specialized form of medical treatment which involves breathing pure oxygen in a chamber at high pressure between two and three times normal atmospheric pressure. This allows oxygen to dissolve throughout the entire body to help the healing of wounds and complications from radiation therapy.

Most treatments last 90 minutes and are given once daily, five times weekly on an outpatient basis. The total number of treatments will again be a function of the conditions being treated, and common ranges between 30 and 40.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-established treatment of decompression sickness, a complication of SCUBA diving, carbon monoxide poisoning, and gas gangrene. It is also effective in promoting the healing of problem wounds and overcoming chronic bone infections. This effect occurs through the triggering of the body's natural healing and infection-fighting abilities to function more effectively.

  • Do not smoke or use other nicotine containing products for at least one hour before your scheduled treatment.
  • Do not drink carbonated or caffeine containing beverages for at least one hour before your scheduled treatment.
  • Do not apply makeup, skin lotions, hair spray or any petroleum-based products until after completion of your scheduled treatment.
  • Remove jewelry and any battery-operated devices, such as hearing aids and biometric sensor rings. You may continue to wear your glasses/contacts.
  • You will be provided with cotton clothing to wear during each treatment. Personal clothing is not permitted.
  • Please arrive at Center 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time.
  • You will be placed onto the chamber’s gurney in a comfortable semi-reclining position and covered with a sheet.
  • ECG (heart) monitor leads will be attached to your chest.
  • An air mask will be provided, along with instructions for when it might be used.
  • You will then be moved into the chamber. It is completely clear, and you will be able to always see and talk to the chamber operator.
  • When treatment begins you will hear a slight hissing sound as oxygen enters and begins to compress the chamber.
  • As pressure increases you will sense a feeling of fullness in your ears like what you might feel in an airplane or driving in the mountains. You will have previously been taught how to adjust to these ear pressure changes.
  • You will also notice a slight warming during the pressure increase, which is entirely normal. Once the desired treatment is reached (taking approximately 5-10 minutes) the warming sensation will cease, as will your ear fullness.
  • During your time at treatment pressure (usually 90 minutes) you can relax, watch TV or catch up on some well-deserved rest. You will continue to be closely monitored.
  • Once your treatment is complete the chamber will be depressurized. You will notice a cooling sensation during this phase.
  • Your therapy team will assess you, including looking in your ears.
  • You will then change into your personal clothing and depart the Center.

Limb Preservation

The Center incorporates an aggressive limb preservation program in conjunction with experts at restoring blood flow to the legs. It focuses on early vascular intervention for patients with compromised blood flow. Patients are evaluated with noninvasive tests. Those that need further evaluation will be seen by a vascular surgeon to discuss next steps such as minimally invasive surgery to open diseased blood vessels or bypass surgery.


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