Message From the CEO

Dr. Cawley
Patrick J. Cawley, M.D., MHM, FACHE | CEO, MUSC Health | Vice President for Health Affairs, University

For many, 2019 has been a transformational year both personally and professionally. At MUSC Health, our mission has always been and will always be to deliver transformational care shaped by world-class clinicians, health scientists and educators who provide leading-edge care, all while developing the next generation of innovative health care leaders. However, special circumstances in 2019, founded fully in transformation and growth, have exponentially heightened our sense of awareness, forcing our care team members to think and execute in new ways outside of their preconceived limits. But why?

From changes in technology to advancements in facilities, politics and payer mix, not to mention the complex and evolving needs of our patients, the landscape of health care in America is shifting beneath our feet. In order to withstand the climate, the ability to pivot is paramount, and pivot we have. But that’s just the beginning.

In 2019, we laid the groundwork for what’s to come. And just as iron sharpens iron, our ability to live up to that call to action will inspire us to push our own limits and transcend the expected.

In order to move forward, we have to think forward. At MUSC Health, we can change what’s possible, and that starts right now.

Are you with us?