The South Carolina Burn Center

Burns are complex wounds requiring delicate and skilled treatment. People from around the region turn to the burn specialists at MUSC Health. We treat burns with expertise and compassion in our 25-bed Burn Center.

Burn Treatment at MUSC Health: Why Choose Us?

Our burn care experts treat burns of all types. Patients of every age and body type can get advanced burn care right here in South Carolina. You don’t need to travel to get the specialized burn treatments you need. Highlights of our program include:

  • Burn care expertise: Our burn care specialists are award-winning, recognized experts in burn care. We treat all burns, from routine to complex, with a focus on getting you or your loved one back to daily activities as soon as possible.
  • Leading-edge treatments and burn research: We’re leading the way in burn care research and advanced burn treatments. We take part in clinical trials testing new treatments and technologies. Our burn center was the first in the nation to report performing a minimally invasive skin graft treatment instead of traditional skin graft surgery.
  • Advanced features: Our burn center features radiant panels that heat rooms to more than 90 F for patient comfort. We also have a hydrotherapy room that makes cleaning burn wounds easier and more comfortable.
  • Specialty equipment: We use special equipment such as lasers to reduce scarring from burns. Telemedicine technology helps doctors make burn care decisions when patients are in another location.
  • Team approach: Our expert burn care team includes fellowship-trained surgeons and advanced practice providers, including nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs). Occupational and physical therapists, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers and psychologists are also part of our specialist team.

Personalized Burn Care Therapy

We begin by using our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy room to clean burns and prevent infection. We assess wounds quickly and accurately to begin your treatment right away. Treatment might include specialized dressings and wound care products, skin substitutes or a skin graft procedure.

Our experts determine the best approach to healing burn wounds as part of your individualized, comprehensive care plan. These care approaches might include specialized dressings and wound care products, skin substitutes or a skin graft procedure. We offer:

Minimally Invasive Burn Treatments

Our burn care experts use leading-edge techniques to limit the need for surgery, including:

  • NexoBrid™: Certain patients may be eligible for a research study which uses an enzyme from pineapple stems to remove burns without harming healthy skin.
  • Recell®: Our surgeons make a skin cell spray that can be used instead of a traditional skin graft for certain burns. This decreases pain and time in the hospital.

Skin Graft Procedures

Our expert burn surgeons take healthy skin from one part of your body and move it to the burned areas. We typically use a skin graft for large burns or deep burns on visible parts of the body, such as the face.

Nutritional Support

Our expert dietitian ensures your body maintains the right balance of nutrients and energy that burn wounds need to heal.

Burn Rehabilitation

Burn injuries affect the way you move and function. Our occupational and physical therapists use their burn care expertise to develop holistic rehabilitation plans to help you stay independent. We work with you during your hospital stay and in our outpatient burn clinic.

Psychological & Social Support

Our psychologists and social workers understand that healing from burn injuries can be challenging. That’s why we focus on treating the whole person. Our specialists are here to support you as you heal and help you get back to who you were before the injury.

Expert Care for Pediatric Burns

Our pediatric burn specialists care for children ages 15 and under in the state-of-the-art pediatric burn center at the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital (SJCH). Our dedicated team of providers, including pediatric burn surgeons, specializes in burn care for children.