Meet the MUSC Health Burn Treatment Team Team

Our comprehensive care team includes trained specialists focused on providing patient-centered care. We don’t only treat the burn — we treat you. Our specialist team includes:

Burn surgeons: Fellowship-trained burn surgeons with critical care experience and surgical expertise evaluate burns and develop treatment plans. Our nationally recognized burn center director has received numerous awards for burn research and contributions to the field of firefighter safety. And the director of our pediatric burn program is a leader in burn telemedicine. He received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to study an innovative “long-distance” burn care platform.

Expert nurses: Nurses trained in burn care oversee healing and assist with care. Our Burn Center program manager, an expert burn nurse, earned the American Burn Association’s 2019 Curtis P. Artz Award for a career of distinguished service in burn care.

Occupational therapist: Burn injuries can make some daily activities challenging. Our occupational therapist, trained in burn rehabilitation, works to help you regain function and get back to your life.
Physical therapist: Burn wounds can lead to scarring, making movement difficult. Our physical therapist, trained in burn rehabilitation, develops a comprehensive treatment plan to help you maintain your independence.

Pharmacist: A pharmacist helps develop an individualized care plan, considering your unique medication needs while recovering from a burn injury.
Dietitian: Burn wounds need calories, proteins and vitamins to heal correctly. Our dietitian monitors your daily food intake, making sure your body has the nutrition it needs to heal burn wounds.

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