MUSC Health’s surgeons perform migraine surgery on Denise Stout at Ashley River Tower.

Revision of Previously Reconstructed Breasts 

An experienced and proven plastic surgeon can turn a mediocre reconstruction into an excellent restoration. If a woman comes to us dissatisfied with an earlier procedure, we usually are able to help.

At MUSC Health, we can reduce breast size, improve breast projection or shape, reduce excess tissue or revise mastectomy scars as part of the revision process. Improvements can be made whether your reconstruction involved implants or your own transplanted tissue (autologous reconstruction). In some cases, a woman who originally opted for implant reconstruction may want revisions done with their own tissue, for example with a DIEP flap. Because of our experience and skill, we can handle those situations successfully.

Revisions of a breast involving autologous tissue are some of the most artistically challenging surgeries in breast reconstruction, making the patient’s choice of plastic surgeon especially important.