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Hand and Wrist Surgery

Why Choose MUSC Health?

Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of board-certified orthopedic and plastic hand and upper extremity surgeons, physical therapists, occupational hand therapists, as well as non-operative sports medicine physicians and rheumatologists. This team works together to deliver expert care specific to your needs to ensure the best possible treatment results.

Our goals are to obtain an accurate diagnosis and formulate a patient-specific treatment plan aimed to improve your symptoms and improve your hand and upper extremity function.

Our surgeons are highly trained national and international leaders in the field, who possess the subspecialty certification in upper extremity surgery which allows them to uniquely deliver the highest level of care for issues including arthritis, tendonitis, fractures, nerve compressions and injury, brachial plexus injuries, amputations, sports injuries and all other conditions of the hand and upper extremity. We use the most advanced surgical techniques to reduce pain, improve function, speed recovery, and make it more comfortable to use your hands.

Highlights of our program

  • Experienced surgeons trained and certified in in hand and upper extremity surgery, who are involved in national and international surgeon education and commonly consult on complex procedures throughout the Southeast
  • Broad range of treatments available at an academic medical center at the forefront of surgical technology and development
  • Specialized therapists that work closely with our hand surgeons to deliver you the best possible results
  • Multidisciplinary coordination throughout the academic medical center with experts in rheumatology, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and infectious disease, if needed
  • Skill and expertise to perform hand surgery on children

Second Opinion & Referrals

Patients from across the southeast look to our team for second opinions regarding upper extremity surgery. We perform a thorough evaluation to confirm the diagnosis and offer personalized recommendations. Our team takes time to answer your questions so you can feel confident about the next steps in your care.

Orthopaedic Surgeons: refer a patient for a second opinion.

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