The Youth Collaborative strives to be a resource for our community. In addition to providing clinical and research treatment options, we empower the community through education, including presentations and community outreach events. Currently, we offer a high school internship program, the MUSC Teen Science Ambassador program, and an education program, “Just Say Know.”

Teen Science Ambassador Program

The Teen Science Ambassador program is an internship, offered by the Youth Collaborative, for students with a passion for science. Our ambassadors will learn about career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in medicine.

The mission of the Teen Science Ambassador program is to encourage young people to pursue careers in the STEM field through hands-on research exploration, career preparation, college readiness, and mentorship. To support this mission, our team endeavors to maintain diversity among our ambassadors and engage students from underrepresented groups in medicine.
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Just Say Know: Understanding the Science of Addiction

The Just Say Know Program is a presentation and hands-on learning experience designed to teach students the science behind drug and alcohol addiction. It is based on research findings in neuroscience, and is delivered in a way that is both entertaining and engaging.
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