Prostate Cancer Care

What to Know About Prostate Cancer

  • Second most common male cancer and a leading cause of death in men
  • A major concern for men ages 40 to 60, despite advances in diagnosis and treatment
  • Early diagnosis and treatment dramatically improves outcomes 
  • Attacks one in six men, but fatal in just 3 percent of cases, thanks to effective diagnosis and treatment
  • Significant cause of death for elderly patients

Prostate Cancer Care at MUSC Health

  • Multidisciplinary team: Urology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, interventional radiology, pathology.
  • Weekly conference to discuss each new case.
  • Most advanced diagnostic and staging capabilities for both localized and metastatic disease imaging.
  • Genitourinary fellowship-trained pathologist who reviews all prostate biopsies obtained at MUSC and many from across the state.
  • Among the most experienced centers in the nation in staging and identifying early advanced disease — essential for effective multi-modality therapy.
  • South Carolina’s only medical center offering all four types of prostatectomy — robotic, laparoscopic, perineal, and retropubic.
  • The latest radiotherapeutics techniques and national and regional clinical trials: MUSC Hollings Cancer Center is the state’s only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center.