Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Department at Columbia Medical Center Downtown is a team of trained professional chaplains who provide interfaith pastoral or spiritual care to patients and their families, while respecting and supporting the needs of our religiously and spiritually diverse community. Read more about our chaplains:

While in the hospital, you may experience stressful situations. Our chaplains are here to accompany you and your family.

In the hospital system, you may experience situations that cause a variety of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Chaplains are trained to meet you where you are, listening and assisting you.

As chaplains encounter you during your hospitalization, they assist in connecting you with your spiritual resources that you find helpful.

Patients and their families may find themselves confused, anxious and frightened. At such times, our chaplains are advocates to help navigate the unfamiliar health care system and facilitate communication among caregivers.

Our chaplains are available to assist you in participating in what you hold Sacred. Please notify your nurse, if you desire to receive Holy Communion or the Sacrament of the Sick.

As chaplains help identify your spiritual resources, one of them may be your community faith leader. Chaplains can be a liaison between you and your faith Leader, if requested by the patient or family. Your community faith leader is welcome(d) to visit you.

We are committed to the care of your body, mind, and spirit. As such, chaplains are vital to your care as part of the interdisciplinary care team.

Chaplains are available to assist in advance care planning conversations concerning medical decisions about the care you would want to receive if you become unable to speak for yourself. Please see a legal professional for durable power of attorney, last will and testament, and other legal matters not associated with healthcare.

If you would like to speak with a chaplain, or simply connect with someone who is ready to listen with empathy and support, please call the hospital operator and ask for the On-Call Chaplain. You may also ask your nurse to contact the chaplain. Pastoral care is available 24/7.

To speak with a chaplain, call 803-256-5300.