Abdominal Wall Reconstruction & Complex Hernia Center

Large or complex abdominal wall defects are a particularly challenging surgical problem. Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is an advanced surgical procedure that strengthens a weakened or damaged abdominal muscle and restores the normal function of the abdominal wall. It is a procedure recommended for patients with advanced hernias and requires specialized surgical expertise.

Who needs abdominal wall reconstruction?

Patients who have complex hernias, the return of previously repaired hernias, or patients who have suffered trauma to the abdomen. Many patients have large hernias that result in deformity of the abdomen.

What is a complex hernia?

A complex hernia often occurs at the site of an earlier hernia repair and the hernia has returned. With repeated attempts at repair of hernias, the surrounding tissue can become weak or stretched and it may need to be augmented or replaced. Large hernias of the abdominal wall can result in deformity of the abdominal wall requiring a complex hernia repair. The presence of a fistula makes the repair even more complicated.

How long does it take to recover from abdominal wall reconstruction?

Patients can typically return to daily activities within two to five weeks and regular exercise about six weeks after the procedure.

Expertise: With over 100 years of combined surgical experience, our multidisciplinary team in Charleston, S.C., has the expertise you can count on. We specialize in abdominal wall reconstruction using advanced techniques with proven results even for the most complex cases.

Our surgeons are highly skilled in all types of complex hernia care from open repair to laparoscopic (minimally invasive and robotic) surgery.

Patient Centered Care: The Abdominal Wall Reconstruction & Complex Hernia Center treats the whole patient. Our advanced practice providers, nurses, dietitians, gastroenterologists, and radiologists work together to give you the best possible outcome. We focus on optimizing our patients pre-operatively to provide the optimal results. This includes modifying factors that affect our outcomes including: weight loss, pre-operative exercise, optimal nutrition, and blood sugar control.

Research and Innovation: As an academic medical center, our surgeons focus on basic and clinical science research that can Change What’s Possible for patients with complex hernias. From the innovative use of Botox to stretch the muscles across the abdominal wall for stronger, more long lasting repairs to cutting-edge regenerative medicine research, our surgeon-scientists are finding innovative solutions to optimize patient outcomes.

Leadership: Our providers hold leadership positions in prestigious societies and often asked to share their surgical expertise in trauma, minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery and abdominal wall reconstruction. Our nationally and internationally recognized team includes a past president of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma, current president of the SC Chapter of the ACS, member of the Western Trauma Association, president of the Carolinas Chapter of the ASMBS, and co-chair of the International Committee of the ASMBS.

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