Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery

You may worry when skin, nail or hair problems affect your health or appearance. But you don’t have to feel that way for long. At MUSC Health, you receive exceptional care from internationally renowned experts. We can help you with any diagnosis, including rare and complex conditions.

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World-Class Expertise

At MUSC Health, you receive care from some of the world’s foremost experts in dermatology and dermatologic surgery. We treat thousands of people every year, providing a level of care that places us among the nation’s top dermatology programs. We regularly earn awards for innovation, patient safety, and leadership.

Our commitment to advancing the field of dermatology has earned the respect of doctors from across the country and around the world. Highlights of our team’s contributions include:

Research: Our experts explore the underlying causes of skin problems and find better ways to treat them. These efforts pave the way for new therapies for people like you, both here at MUSC Health and around the world.

Publications: We have authored some of the leading dermatology textbooks, as well as more than 1,000 peer-reviewed journal articles. Members of our team also serve as current and former editors of leading peer-reviewed medical journals.

Leadership: Our doctors serve as honorary professors at some of the top dermatology programs in other countries. We speak at international conferences and advise up-and-coming dermatology programs. Our faculty serve in leadership roles in national and international organizations.

Education: MUSC Health hosts prestigious medical education (residency and fellowship) programs that train the next generation of dermatology and dermatologic surgery experts.


MUSC Health offers the only comprehensive dermatology program in South Carolina. Our services include:

Exceptional Diagnostic Capabilities: You are in capable hands, whether you have a common condition or a more complex problem. Our team includes internationally recognized experts in dermatopathology who specialize in diagnosing skin disease at the microscopic level. This ability helps us deliver a precise diagnosis so you get the right care. Read more about medical dermatology and dermatopathology.

Personalized Care: We deliver the latest treatments for problems ranging from the common to the complex. Our expertise helps us tailor care to meet your unique needs. These capabilities are one reason why we are the major referral site for South Carolina patients when other treatments have not been successful. Learn more about the dermatology conditions we treat.

National Leaders in Mohs Surgery: Our Mohs surgery clinic is among the busiest in the country (more than 4,000 procedures a year to treat skin cancer). Our program is nationally renowned for excellence in reconstructive procedures following cancer surgery. Find out more about surgical dermatology and Mohs surgery.

Specialized Care for Children: Our team includes dermatologists who focus on meeting the specific needs of children. We put your child at ease while we get to the source of the problem and recommend the best way to treat it. Learn more about pediatric dermatology.

Latest Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments: We offer the complete range of cosmetic treatments, including facials and spider vein procedures. You receive care from experienced dermatologists, even for routine treatments such as injections. Our extensive training and years of experience ensure the highest levels of safety. Find out more about cosmetic dermatology.