Comprehensive Eye Care

Our comprehensive eye care is your first step toward better eye health. We offer standard eye exams as well as expert care for common eye conditions. Whether it’s new glasses or treatment for an ongoing problem, we make it easy to get the care you need, all under one roof.

Comprehensive Eye Care: Why Choose Storm Eye Institute?

Most of our comprehensive eye care doctors are board-certified, meaning they passed rigorous exams after completing medical school. We take the time to get to know you, which helps us deliver care that meets your unique needs. Our genuine interest in your eye health and our deep expertise helps you get the best possible care.

Highlights of our program include: 

  • Convenience and Coordination: Our focus on diagnosing and treating common eye problems means you often only need to see our team. We help many people find relief from age-related issues, infections and injuries without additional specialists. If you do need additional care for complex conditions, our ophthalmologists partner with other, equally skilled MUSC Health experts. With uveitis, for example, you receive a specialized eye exam, as well as care from rheumatologists and pulmonologists. We work together, helping you to start feeling better in as few visits as possible.
  • Specialized Treatments: For complex conditions, you are in very skilled hands. Storm Eye is home to experts from across the county. We coordinate every step of your care so you can focus on getting better.
  • Emergency Care: Some eye problem can’t wait for an appointment. If you experience an injury or other emergency, like sudden vision loss, we are here to help. A member of our team is always available – even on evenings and weekends.
  • Uveitis and Inflammatory Eye Conditions: This group of conditions causes swelling that can damage your eyes. Our eye experts work alongside equally skilled MUSC Health specialists, including rheumatologists, to help you get the care you need. 

Storm Eye Institute Ophthalmology Services

If you experience sudden vision problems or other uncomfortable eye symptoms, Storm Eye’s ophthalmologists get to the source. Our comprehensive eye services are available to adults with any eye problem.

Our comprehensive ophthalmology services include:

  • Diagnostic Eye Exams: We evaluate the structures inside your eyes to accurately diagnose eye problems. Our ophthalmologists explore all possible causes for the symptoms you experience. For example, for blurry vision, we may check for eye problems related to diabetes or cataracts.
  • Advanced Testing: If additional testing is necessary, you have access to the best available technology, including ocular coherence tomography (OCT). This imaging test uses light waves to examine eye tissue layer by layer. OCT helps us accurately diagnose conditions such as glaucoma.
  • Monitoring: If there is a problem that does not require immediate treatment, such as age-related macular degeneration, we provide regular follow-up care. Our experts perform detailed exams to catch the slightest changes to your eyes, helping you get the care you need, when you need it. 
  • Treatments: Our comprehensive eye care experts treat cornea problems and many other eye conditions with eye drops or medications. We also perform surgery and laser treatments when necessary. 
  • Referral to Other Storm Eye Experts: For complex conditions that do not respond to standard treatments, we may refer you to one of our subspecialists. Storm Eye is home to experts in every aspect of eye care, including retina and vitreous humor conditions.

Our Care Team