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Sarcoidosis Patient Resources

The Susan Pearlstine Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence recommends the following related resources:

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Sarcoidosis Support Group

The Susan Pearlstine Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence support group serves as an educational and social forum for patients, caregivers, and family members of those affected by sarcoidosis. Each meeting, a speaker presents on a topic relevant to sarcoidosis. The goal is to provide information about the latest news and treatments available through speaker presentations and patient networking opportunities.

Virtual Sarcoidosis Support Group Meeting

May 15, 2020  |  3:00 - 4:00 pm
Featured Topic: Sarcoidosis and COVID-19
Featured Speaker:
Ennis James, M.D.
Assistant Professor and Program Director, Susan Pearlstine Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence, MUSC

Virtual Meeting

Join remotely via WebEx:

Meeting number: 193 256 658

Password: 2MpFKQh4Wp7

Join by phone:

Call:  415-655-0002

Access code: 193 256 658

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Patient Testimonials

"I feel fortunate that a center like The Susan Pearlstine Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence exists. Dr. James is passionate about Sarcoidosis. He is also passionate about bridging the gaps in knowledge about its treatment and progression. I’ve learned more about the disease, since becoming his patient in 2019, after I was diagnosed with neurological sarcoidosis. It has reinvigorated my passion for public health and the need to help others. Because so little is known about Sarcoidosis, I’ve learned we should share what we’ve experienced as a patient to help increase the well of information. I’m also now more open to group sessions and its helpfulness. Lastly, I appreciate the effort that Dr. James has given, in conjunction with my other pulmonologist, Dr. Rahul Argula, in finding a drug regimen to control my Sarcoidosis symptoms. As a result, I feel healthier and stronger. I’m finally able to walk up a flight of stairs without stopping. For me, that has been a big breakthrough and I am very thankful."

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