Patient being tested in the epilepsy clinic.

Epilepsy Testing & Inpatient Monitoring

Experts at MUSC Health understand that having epilepsy goes beyond living with seizures. We work to improve your quality of life, and the first step often includes testing.

We offer options, such as inpatient epilepsy monitoring and high-density electroencephalogram (EEG), that are not widely available. Our offerings, along with specialized care from our highly skilled doctors, give you the best chances for seizure control.

Epilepsy Testing at MUSC Health: Why Choose Us?

We use testing to confirm an epilepsy diagnosis and determine the type of epilepsy with a high degree of accuracy. For hard-to-treat epilepsy, testing enables us to plan your treatments meticulously. This level of care is only available in comprehensive epilepsy centers, such as the one at MUSC Health.

Highlights of our program include:

  • National recognition: Our inpatient epilepsy monitoring unit holds accreditation by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. Accreditation means we meet the highest care standards, and you can count on us for accurate results. MUSC Health’s center is the only level 4 epilepsy center in South Carolina.
  • Broad range of options: MUSC Health is home to a highly skilled brain disorder (neurophysiology) team. We use sophisticated testing options for epilepsy, seizures and other brain disorders. Find out more about our neurophysiology lab.
  • Appropriate care: Our team has decades of experience, allowing us to recommend the tests that fit your circumstances. In some cases, a standard EEG (electrical brain activity test) is all that’s necessary. For complex cases, you may need tests to pinpoint the seizure focus, the area of the brain where seizures start.
  • Precise treatments: Testing enables us to tailor your treatments, including the type and dosage of medications, giving you better chances of seizure control. Before surgery, testing helps us target the treatment area to deliver excellent results. Find out more about epilepsy treatment.

Outpatient Epilepsy Testing With EEG

EEG is a test for detecting abnormal electrical brain activity that signals a seizure. Evaluating this activity helps us determine the type of epilepsy and which treatments may work best.

You may receive monitoring with an EEG:

  • On the same day as an office visit: In some cases, we offer same-day EEGs. This option lets you receive testing without an extra appointment. But the test is often brief, which sometimes makes it difficult to capture seizure activity.
  • While you are at home: You receive a portable EEG device to track brain activity as you go about your daily life. This option allows our team to observe symptoms over a longer period. It increases the likelihood of capturing seizure activity.
  • During a doctor’s visit near home: You have access to MUSC Health epilepsy experts from your local physician’s office. Using secure videoconferencing technology, we perform an EEG and discuss findings with you and your local care team.

Inpatient (Video-EEG) Monitoring

Video-EEG monitoring may be necessary to determine what’s causing seizure activity. You stay in the hospital for up to six days while we use a combination of EEG and video monitoring in our epilepsy monitoring unit.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Our specialized seven-bed epilepsy monitoring unit offers the latest digital monitoring and video capabilities. This technology captures seizure activity in a fraction of the time required in most standard monitoring units. Our doctors can quickly and efficiently provide a diagnosis.