Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices and applications are providing a way for patients and providers to manage chronic conditions using mobile devices. Some of what used to require an inpatient hospital stay, can now be monitored from home or wherever the patient is located.

Heart Valve App: This app is given to patients who’ve had heart valve replacement surgery. Each day the patient takes their vital signs, including their weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. They also complete a symptom evaluation questionnaire. All of this data is transmitted right into their electronic medical record (EMR). This allows their provider to monitor their condition from afar. The provider would receive an alert if the patient is out of what is considered to be a normal range. If necessary, the patient would be instructed to return to the hospital for care.

TACM-2 Diabetic Monitoring: This mobile monitoring device is given to patients with uncontrolled types 2 diabetes. Using a telehealth monitoring device, TACM-2 participants are provided materials to test their blood glucose and blood pressure levels on a daily basis. These daily readings are automatically uploaded and stored to a secure server, which the TACM-2 case managers can access in real time.

Burn App: This app is being used to connect pediatric burn patients to expert nurses and doctors who can assist them with repeated dressing changes. This type of follow-up care used to require multiple trips to the burn clinic to seek assistance, assess healing and prevent complications. This telehealth technology is providing families with the peace of mind to assist with the home care their child needs.

Smartphone Asthma Monitoring System (SAMS): This app is currently being used for a clinical trial. Patients recently or currently receiving care for asthma at the Medical University of South Carolina or University of South Carolina/Palmetto Health are eligible to participate in the study. The purpose of SAMS is to utilize your smartphone to inform your doctor and their healthcare team about your asthma symptoms and medication use in real time from your home environment. Real time data about your asthma can be used to deliver targeted mobile health interventions including personalized asthma tips and a telehealth asthma visit from our asthma specialists via the app when you need it most.