TACHL (Technology Applications Center for Healthy Lifestyles)

The vision of TACHL is to improve the health and well-being of all South Carolinians, provide indirect economic benefits to the state via improved work productivity, and decrease absenteeism and health care costs. The 10-year goal is to become a multi-institution based national center of excellence. Most importantly, the activities of TACHL will help contribute to a reduction in the chronic disease health disparities ravaging the state and result in improved health and well-being of all South Carolinians.

TACHL has partnered with the Center to prepare quarterly reports on peripheral devices for remote patient monitoring, which cover a different device-type in each report. These reports are intended to serve as a quick guide for clinicians, researchers, and innovators who are interested in using mobile-based patient monitoring devices in their research or practice.

For more information on how these devices could be used in your clinic/research, please feel free to email the Director of TACHL, Dr. Frank Treiber.

Report 1. Peripheral Devices for Blood Pressure Management (PDF)

Report 2. Peripheral Devices for Weight Management (PDF)