Correctional Facilities

Providers connecting via telehealth from prison

Telehealth enables the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) and local county jails to connect inmates to providers using video, for urgent care needs and some specialty medicine services.

Traditionally, inmates would be transported with security personnel to an emergency department, whether or not the need was emergent. According to the SCDC, a transport can cost on average $491. In a year, inmates might be transported over 28,000 times. The partnership with MUSC's Center for Telehealth will allow inmates to receive remote care for non-emergent needs, during odd hours, in an effort to reduce inmate transports.

This project follows a successful tele-psychiatry partnership, allowing some inmates to receive remote psychiatric care. With decreased inmate transports, the partnership is expected to cut costs, reduce public safety risks, and expand care for inmates.


Tele-Facility Al Cannon

Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center

3841 Leeds Avenue

North Charleston, SC 29405

Tele-Facility Evans Correctional

Evans Correctional Institution

610 SC-9

Bennettsville, SC 29512