Healthy Holiday Eating

Christmas Family Dinner Table

Did you know the average American expects to gain 8 pounds during the holiday season? Most holiday weight gain is not lost later in the year, so it just keeps adding up. In addition, half of Americans report breaking their diet due to the temptations around holiday food. If you’re looking to stay on track this holiday season, check out these tips to help keep the extra weight off.


  • Don’t skip meals in anticipation of large holiday meals or parties. This often leads to over-eating.
  • Eat a healthy snack before a large holiday meal or party. This will help you eat smaller portions and graze less.
  • “Eat the best, leave the rest.” Indulge in your favorite holiday food, but not everything.
  • Modify recipes for healthier versions of favorite dishes.
  • Send leftovers home with other people.
  • Share the treats with friends and neighbors.
  • Socialize away from buffet tables. If you mingle farther away from food, you’re less likely to graze.
  • Plan activities into your celebrations that will get you moving, such as holiday 5ks, pick up football games, dancing, walking around the neighborhood.
  • Limit drinks that are high in calories.
  • Use a smaller plate.
  • Volunteer to bring a dish and make it healthy – chances are there are others wanting to make healthy changes too.