Population Health

Total population health is a term we use to describe the management of health and illness in the Lowcountry. The primary population we identify at MUSC Health includes the residents of the tri-county area including Charleston. The health we will manage includes not only the absence of illness but the concept of health from your personal perspective.

Health includes aspects of physical, behavioral, spiritual, and well-being. Health also includes the consideration of quality of life not merely the absence of disease. The measurement of health in the population also includes health equity or the amount of health disparity between various sub-populations. We also want to make sure that all members of the Lowcountry population receive care and enjoy health at the same levels. Historically personal characteristics such as your race, income, education, and language preference influence your health. We want all individuals to enjoy a healthy life.

The following topics and information in this section are a resource for you to access. We will continue to expand our topics of interest based on your needs and health trends in the region. Explore the topics and information and we hope you enjoy a health day and a healthier life.

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