Preventive Health Services

An informed and engaged patient is our best customer at MUSC Health. We want you to make health care decisions that are framed by the best information available. This informed decision making process is the blueprint for this section. We asked patients how they make preventive health decisions and what is needed to help those steps and this section is the result of their responses.

We have included the preventive health topics that have the strongest recommendations of the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF). The USPSTF website has almost every preventive health issue research, evidence, and recommendation available to you. The sixteen topics we cover are the most important for everyone to consider. Your doctor may have additional tests or procedures to consider based on your medical situation.

Make a Smart Decision

Review the content on this site and specific recommendations. Match your age, gender, and other health issues with the recommendations. Your first step is the awareness of what is recommended by experts in preventive health.

If You Do Not Understand

Get more information. Ask your MUSC Health team about your questions and concerns. If you want, learn more through the resources at United States Preventive Services Task Force, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and

Still Hard to Decide?

Ask to talk to your health care team and get all of your questions answered. MUSC Health is here to get you all the information you want to make an informed choice. Health care can be complex. We understand. Let us know your concerns or questions so we can discuss option with you. After all, it’s your health, let us be a resource for you.

Once You Understand

You should understand the recommendations. We all have unique issues to consider. If you have any questions about what services you should receive, ask your MUSC Health team.

Get Comfortable with Your Decision & Take Action

After you have reviewed the information and recommendations, make a decision and take action. Request an appointment or inform your MUSC Health team about your decision.

Out-of-Pocket Estimates for Preventative Health Care

Preventive care can help you stay healthier throughout your life. For many people, certain preventive health care is now free, with no copays or deductibles. Learn more about out-of-pocket estimates.

More About Preventive Services

Read more about our program.

Listen to More Information

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Mobile Applications

Browse our Preventative Services mobile applications available through MyChart.

Research & Clinical Trials

Review our research and learn about clinical trials related to preventive services.