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CARES Medical Clinic depends on our community for its continuing success. Support us by making an online donation today.

The CARES Medical Clinic has ongoing operational and funding needs to provide free clinical care for pediatric and adult patients, both in our main site as well as our community outreach events. Your generous donation allows for continued provision of acute and preventive medical care for our many patients with complex medical and social factors that affect their health every day.

Our greatest goal is to establish an endowment by which CARES Medical Clinic can continue its work begun in 2005 without persistent concern for funding needs, so we can focus on the greater work ahead.

If you have donations of specific items in mind (e.g: medical equipment, kids books, or toys) please feel free to reach out and discuss with our team members so that we can best coordinate with our ongoing needs. 

Our Sponsors

The sponsors and philanthropic supporters of CARES Medical Clinic are vital to the running of our clinic. The clinic generates no revenue of any kind and is staffed and run by volunteer physicians and students. We could not do this without these generous gifts. If you are interested in making a charitable gift or sponsoring us, please contact our Director of Development, Lauren Cox, at or one of our medical directors for more information.

Our annual report lists our generous donors in recent years.