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Focus-23 & Focus-27 Programs

Focus-23 and Focus-27 are simply extended versions of our Focus-15 program. These two variations of the Focus-15 program allow you to extend how long you follow the more structured, meal replacement-based phases of the program. Focus-23 and Focus-27 allow you to continue on a mostly meal replacement-based diet for longer than you would on the Focus-15 program. As with the Focus-15 program, these extended programs also integrate the adoption of an active lifestyle through both an exercise program and active leisure. Gradually, as the programs progress, there is a shift towards a primarily food-based meal plan that leads to more moderate and sustainable weight loss. Patients attend weekly individual appointments that rotate among the clinical specialties (dietary, exercise, and behavioral).


Phase 1

(Focus-23: Weeks 1 through 16; Focus-27: Weeks 1 through 20)

 For this first phase of the program, your diet consists of approximately 1040 to 1200 calories per day, derived primarily from nutrition bars and shakes; you also consume one highly structured, food-based meal per day.

Phase 2

(Focus-23: Weeks 17 and 18; Focus-27: Weeks 21 and 22)

Following the initial phase of the program, you “step down” to a partial meal replacement-based plan with two highly structured, food-based meals per day.

Phase 3

(Focus-23: Weeks 19 through 23; Focus-27: Weeks 23 through 27)

At the end of 18 or 22 weeks you meet with a registered dietitian who develops a nutritionally balanced diet designed to meet your individual long-term nutritional requirements. Note that you have the option of extending the duration of each phase of the program, pending approval by clinical staff.

About the Program

What’s Included

  • Twenty four or 28 (depending on program) weekly individual consultations with registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, and behavioral specialists.
  • Three additional follow-up consultations with registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, or behavioral specialists (your choice); you decide the frequency of these visits, although they are to be used at least once per month.
  • Curriculum Book
  • Labs (i.e. blood tests) at beginning and end of program (and midway, when clinically appropriate)
  • Shakes and Bars for 18 weeks (Focus-23) or 22 weeks (Focus-27), as stipulated in dietary prescription


Focus-23 (all inclusive): $2,775

Focus-27 (all inclusive): $3,200


  • $100 (pay-in-full)
  • $50 (MUSC and State employees/spouses/retirees)
  • $50 (Military personnel/spouses and Veterans/spouses)
  • 10 percent Bring a Buddy (enroll within 30 days)

Ways to Pay

  • You can choose to pay for your weight loss program several different ways:

Installment Plan Options

Focus 23

  • At enrollment: $555.00
  • Four additional monthly installments of: $555.00

  Focus 27

  • At enrollment: $533.33
  • Five additional installments of :$533.33


MUSC Employee Payment Option

Available to MUSC/MUHA/MUSCP employees/spouses only. This plan includes the $50 MUSC employee discount.

  • Focus-23: $227.08 per month for 12 months 
  • Focus-27: $262.50 per month for 12 months

Credit Card Options

If you have questions regarding payment or discounts, please email us at or call 843-792-2273.