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Health & Wellness Institute

The MUSC Health and Wellness Institute officially opened its doors in Mt. Pleasant in February 2022. It’s mission? To help you optimize your life through our three pillars: Health, Wellness and Human Performance.

We use the evidence-based application of exercise, nutrition and inner health to provide you with a roadmap and the tools to be successful along your journey. Whether you're interested in improving your personal record or the next marathon or returning to exercise after a few years away, we have experts to help you.

If you're more interested in yogic breathing and meditation, our Mindfulness Center delivers you strategies to relax and cope with everyday stressors.

Our Health Coach and nutrition team work with you to identify goals and create custom plans to help you reach them. Work within all of our pillars or focus on just one as part of your wellness journey.

Whether you're seeking more information regarding health and fitness or interested in your own body's performance and specific needs, we can provide you with a personalized plan.

The Health & Wellness Institute is located at 1122 Chuck Dawley Boulevard, Building B., in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

In addition to the MUSC Health & Wellness Institute and its many offerings, there is also the MUSC Wellness Center which offers gym memberships. If you are interested in gym membership only, please contact 843-792-5757.

Sign Up for a Program or Class

Call 843-985-0802 to speak directly with our Health & Wellness Institute regarding your interest and needs. You may also visit the Healthie website to book a class or session.