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Heart problems can significantly affect the years in your life and the quality of life in your years. At the MUSC Health Heart and Vascular Center, we provide personalized, compassionate care and the latest treatments to help you live life to the fullest.

Our cardiologists and heart surgeons provide the highest level of specialization, expertise and an extensive range of treatment options for all types of heart problems.

Heart & Vascular Care at MUSC Health: Why Choose Us?

As the only academic medical center in South Carolina, we offer more heart disease specialists and treatment options than any other hospital in the state. Each year, our exceptionally skilled physicians save and transform hundreds of lives.

When you come to MUSC Health’s Heart and Vascular Center, you benefit from:

Care that Focuses on You

  • Personalized Treatment: Our most important mission is to diagnosis, treat, and heal. Our doctors work as a team, tapping specific expertise when needed, to provide the most advanced and effective treatments for your individual health needs. Our nurse coordinators guide you throughout the diagnostic and treatment process.
  • Convenience: The serene, modern Ashley River Tower houses all of the Heart and Vascular Center’s care programs and is the one address for your heart care needs. Our team strives to schedule all of your diagnostic evaluations and tests, as well as consultations with appropriate heart specialists, on the same day. We also have clinic locations throughout the region.

Depth of Experience

  • Exceptional Results: We treat more heart patients than any other medical center in the state. Treating such a high volume of patients has deepened our expertise and led to outstanding outcomes. Our rates of complications and hospital readmissions are lower than national averages.
  • All Levels of Care: Doctors from across South Carolina and the country refer patients to us for treatment of complicated heart and vascular problems. We treat patients with challenging and difficult cases, making us uniquely skilled at managing all heart and vascular conditions, from the routine to the most complex.
  • Expertise: Each of our doctors has a specialized area of cardiac expertise, including in heart failure, heart valve problems, arrhythmias and interventional and surgical procedures. Our nationally recognized specialists share their experience and knowledge with cardiologists from around the world in teaching conferences and in professional societies. Our specialists also teach the next generation of heart experts who receive training in cardiology and cardiac surgery right here at MUSC Health. Meet our team.

More Treatments

  • Exclusive Treatment Options: Our nationally acclaimed doctors are the only ones in the state with the training and expertise to perform certain heart procedures, including the WATCHMAN™ device for arrhythmias, MitraClip® for valve problems and heart transplants. As national leaders in testing new devices, we pioneer more devices than any other center in South Carolina.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures: Whenever possible, our doctors use minimally invasive approaches and procedures. We get you back on your feet faster by using surgical techniques that minimize the risk of infection, reduce pain after surgery and speed your recovery.
  • The Latest Therapies: One of our missions is to discover new treatments. As South Carolina’s only medical research and training institution, we are able to offer you the chance to participate in clinical research projects including clinical trials of new drugs, devices, and approaches to heart disease. For example, you may be able to try a new drug for heart failure or high blood pressure, a minimally invasive heart procedure that speeds recovery time or a new device that improves your quality of life by supporting your heart function. Participation in clinical trials is always voluntary. Learn more about MUSC’s research and clinical trials.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Blue Distinction logoMUSC Health is proud to announce that we have received a Blue Distinction® Center+ designation in the area of cardiac care. The Blue Distinction Centers+ recognition is awarded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies for delivering quality care and better overall outcomes for patients, while also meeting key requirements for cost-efficiency. Learn more.


Heart & Vascular Center

Advanced Heart Failure

The Advanced Heart Failure Program offers more treatment options than any other program in the state. Our doctors are dedicated to helping you enjoy life again.

Aortic Center

Aortic disease specialists at MUSC Health offer comprehensive treatments, including minimally invasive procedures for complex aneurysms.

Arrhythmia Center

MUSC Health is home to the only Arrhythmia Treatment Center in South Carolina offering a full range of treatment options, including the WATCHMAN device.

Cardiac Amyloidosis

MUSC is the only academic medical center in South Carolina recognized nationally & internationally for expertise in detecting suspected & diagnosed amyloidosis.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Improve your heart health at South Carolina’s most established and comprehensive cardiac rehab program at MUSC Health.


Experts at MUSC Health Cardio-Oncology Program work with cancer doctors to prevent cardiotoxicity, heart damage caused by chemotherapy and cancer treatments.

Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology

Specially trained cardiothoracic anesthesiologists oversee patient well-being during all heart procedures at MUSC Health.

Chest Pain Center

As a nationally accredited Chest Pain Center, patients are fast-tracked upon arrival for immediate care, offering the best chances for survival.

Congenital Heart Program

Heart specialists at MUSC Health provide specialized lifelong care for adults and children born with congenital heart defects.

Heart Health Program

Experts at MUSC Health can help you lower your risk factors for heart disease.

Heart Surgery

MUSC Health’s specialized heart surgery team is skilled at the latest minimally invasive techniques, as well as traditional procedures.

Structural Valve Care

MUSC Health offers more treatment options for heart valve disease than any other center in the state.

Vascular Services

MUSC Health has both the expertise and the technology to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat vascular disease.