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Hearing that you need heart surgery can be frightening. Knowing that you’ve chosen highly experienced surgeons can provide the confidence to get the care you need.

We offer South Carolina’s most extensive experience with straightforward and complex heart interventions, plus excellent outcomes. That means you can trust MUSC Health with your most vital care. Our surgeons offer procedures that are rarely available elsewhere in the region, including heart transplant, robotic valve surgery and complex hybrid procedures that include heart rhythm correction.

Why Choose MUSC Health for Heart Surgery Services?

Our surgical team is the only one in South Carolina with the experience and expertise to perform complex surgical procedures such as heart transplantation, robotic valve surgery and complex aortic surgeries. For many people, we are able to use the latest minimally invasive techniques.

When you come to us for heart surgery, you benefit from:

  • Depth of experience: Our standing as South Carolina’s only academic medical institution means our surgical team has more hands-on experience than many others. U.S. News & World Report ranks MUSC Health the No. 1 hospital in South Carolina and ranks MUSC Health as high-performing in aortic valve surgery and heart bypass surgery. Meet our team.
  • Innovation and advanced care: Thanks to clinical trials and research, our heart surgeons master revolutionary surgical procedures. Through research opportunities, we offer methods that are nearing approval but not yet approved for use everywhere. Read more about clinical trials.
  • Expertise with complex cases: Our doctors can use minimally invasive surgical techniques for many operations. For many people this option may be a better choice than traditional open heart surgery. This approach reduces your risk of infection and scarring and can speed the recovery process. Your doctor will discuss the best surgical option for you. Find out more about heart surgery and procedures.
  • Collaborative care: Teamwork between our heart surgeons, vascular surgeons and cardiologists — unique among many hospitals — ensures you have a thorough evaluation and individualized treatment plan. Learn more about vascular services and cardiology services.
  • Advanced technology: Our surgical team works together to perform both catheter and surgical procedures in two state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms.
  • Convenient follow-up care: After surgery, MUSC Health’s cardiac rehab program provides a guided exercise program to strengthen your heart. Your care team can work with your referring physician to ensure that your post-treatment recovery stays on track. Receive post-surgical care at one of our regional clinic locations or through the MUSC Health Center for Telehealth.

Cardiothoracic Anesthesia at MUSC Health

At MUSC Health, you enjoy more than first-rate heart surgeons. Our experienced cardiothoracic anesthesiologists have advanced training specifically in treating people with heart disease.

A cardiothoracic anesthesiologist is a doctor who oversees your well-being and pain management during heart procedures, including surgeries. These specialists complete additional fellowship education and training in cardiac medicine, critical care, ultrasound imaging of the heart and pharmacology (medications for heart conditions).

Our board-certified cardiothoracic anesthesiologists perform many life-saving functions:

  • Administering anesthetic medicines to keep you comfortable during and after heart procedures:
    • General anesthesia to make you unconscious during heart surgery.
    • Local anesthesia or sedation to produce a sleepy, or “twilight,” effect for procedures performed in our cardiac catheterization or electrophysiology (EP) labs.
  • Contributing to surgical planning by performing specialized tests that give a closer view of the heart valves and chambers. Your surgeon may use these findings to determine the best surgical approach for your particular heart problem.
  • Continually monitoring your vital functions during heart procedures. These include your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and fluid and blood needs.
  • Evaluating organ function to ensure the health of all organs during surgery.
  • Making medical decisions, such as increasing or decreasing oxygen or administering more fluids, based on the monitoring of your vital signs and organ function.

Heart Surgeries at the Heart & Vascular Center

Our heart surgeons are highly skilled at performing a complete array of heart, heart valve, and aorta surgery procedures. Our surgical offerings include:

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