Sports Medicine Team

Our team includes professionals from orthopaedic sports medicine, primary care sports medicine, pain management and rehabilitation, neurology, musculoskeletal radiology, and trauma working together to improve the performance of athletes of all ages and skill levels.


Michael J. Barr, PT, DPT, MSR | Sports Medicine Manager
Shane K. Woolf, M.D. | Chief, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
Lee R Leddy, M.D., MSCR - Director, Musculoskeletal Institute

For team or event coverage contact Michael Barr, Sports Medicine Manager

Our Care Team

More Team Members


Keith Borg, M.D.
Russel Chapin, M.D.
William Conway, M.D. 
Emily Darr, M.D. 
Jonathan Edwards, M.D.
Thomas Koch, M.D. 
David O'Brien, M.D.
Sara Van Nortwick, M.D.

Physical Therapists:

Michael J. Barr, PT, DPT, MSR | Sports Medicine Manager

MUSC Health Physical Therapy

Athletic Trainers:
Aaron Brown, ATC, SCAT
Amelia C. Brown, MS, SCAT, ATC 
Kathleen Choate, ATC, CSCS, CEAS
Stephanie Davey, MEd, ATC, PES
Alecia Good, MEd, ATC
Ethan Konoza, ATC, SCAT
Brittney Lang, MS, ATC
Tabitha Saunders, ATC
Marty Travis, MS, ATC, SCAT
Bobby Weisenberger, ATC, PES

Our multi-disciplinary team also includes additional specialists from:

  • Orthopaedics
  • Nutrition
  • Massage therapy
  • Pediatrics
  • Sports performance training
  • Strengthening and conditioning training
  • Rheumatology
  • Pediatric and adolescent gynecology
  • Women’s health