Providers in operating room using robotic assistive technology

Robotic-Assisted Spine Surgery Delivers First-in-Class Technology to Patients

MUSC Health is known for its surgical innovation and expertise throughout the Southeast, and now, it offers robotic-assisted spine surgery to patients. From simple to complex surgeries, the robotic-assisted technology allows MUSC Health Spine Center doctors to perform surgery with shorter recovery times, enhanced precision, and smaller incisions ensure the best results for your condition. It also allows our spinal surgeons to provide the safest and most innovative care for all patients – from children to adults – with spinal deformity and related spine conditions.

Currently, robotic-assisted spine surgery is offered at MUSC Health’s Midlands and Charleston locations for adult patients, and at the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital in Charleston for our pediatric spinal surgery patients. 

The Mazor X Stealth Robotic System

MUSC Health has partnered with Medtronic to bring its Mazor X Stealth robotic system into its ORs to provide precision and predictability into every surgical procedure. The Mazor X Stealth combines a computer and specialized software and instruments to allow MUSC Health surgeons the ability to plan where and how they will operate on your spine. An automated “arm” then holds key surgical instrumentation in place for the surgeon while the guidance system helps the surgeon perform the surgery with precision.


  • Helps your surgeon with procedure planning by providing 3D images on your anatomy
  • Provides enhanced surgical predictability with robotic guidance
  • Enables your surgeon to customize the approach to match your specific needs
  • Visualize the anatomy in 3D and the placement of surgical instrumentation throughout the procedure
“We are excited to announce the implementation of this advanced technology for the most complex pediatric spinal deformity patients. We can provide the safest and most innovative surgical care for children and adolescents with spine deformity and related spine conditions,”

Dr. Robert Murphy, MUSC Health pediatric orthopaedic surgeon.

Innovative Technology

Masked providers looking at a computer screen.

Lying in her hospital bed in an operating room as staff bustled about, preparing for the surgery, the patient quietly teased the doctor: “Have you got all your toys?” He did, he assured her. Her surgery was to be the first at MUSC Health-Charleston Division using the Mazor X Stealth robotic system and Medtronic O-arm mobile X-ray machine. But those “toys” are more than shiny new playthings for surgeons. Neurosurgeon Bruce Frankel, M.D., believes they will enable the doctors in his division to continue to innovate and improve surgeries for patients.

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