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Program Orientation & Enrollment

We have the most experienced team of weight management professionals around, and being based in an academic medical center, we offer the safest and most current and effective weight management interventions.

Learning about and enrolling in our programs is simple. 

Step 1: Use the Program Matching Calculator to find the program that's best for you (below). 

Step 2: Either enroll in a program, review our FAQs to answer any lingering questions, or schedule a free in-person program orientation. Although we provide this virtual program orientation for your convenience, you always have the option of attending one of our free in-person program orientations.

Program Matching Calculator

Take 5 minutes to complete the Program Matching Calculator and it will match employees with the program(s) the WMC believes would best suited to their needs and preferences. This WMC-developed tool leverages the years of experience that their clinicians have in helping patients decide on the best programs for them.

Once you've completed the calculator steps, proceed to Step 2: Deciding How to Proceed