Patient Testimonials

Dan & Kerri’s Weight Loss Surgery Story

Dan and Kerri were both dangerously overweight with numerous health problems. Kerri was told her weight was keeping her from getting pregnant. In 2008, they decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dan and Kerri discuss how weight loss surgery helped change what's possible in their lives. They got their health back, and something even better – their baby son Eli.

John Coccaro

John needed a hip replacement, but his orthopedic surgeon wanted him to have bariatric surgery to lose weight before the hip surgery. John researched many hospitals and their bariatrics program before deciding on MUSC Health. He looked at the number of surgeries performed, the skill of the surgeon, the facility and the post-surgery follow-up. After choosing MUSC Health, he was further impressed by the cleanliness, the team and the nutritional information provided by the team at MUSC.

Taylor Boes: Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

College Freshman Taylor Boes went through a life transformation last year when she had the gastric sleeve at MUSC’s Bariatric Surgery Program and lost 100 pounds. Before surgery, she felt trapped, like her inside didn’t match her outside, but over a year later, she tries new things, feels confident, and is off at college living her new, healthy life! She encourages others to learn everything they can about surgery and make the decision for yourself, it is so worth it.

Linda’s Story

After many surgeries and a diagnosis of type 2 Diabetes, Linda and her primary care doctor discussed bariatric surgery as an option to help improve her health. After researching her options and attending a support group, Linda had gastric bypass surgery at MUSC. Linda not only feels and looks fabulous after the surgery, her health has improved significantly and she is no longer diabetic.

AJ & Rebecca Clay’s Dramatic Weight Loss Story

At a combined 695 pounds, A.J. and Rebecca Clay of North Charleston, SC were both morbidly obese and headed down a lifelong path of poor health. “I was born fat and thought I would die fat,” says A.J. “That was my attitude.” After seeing many success stories about weight loss surgery, they did extensive research for themselves and discovered MUSC has a bariatric surgery program that has been rated a Center Of Excellence. Rebecca underwent gastric bypass surgery in July of 2007 and A.J. followed.

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