Center for Placenta Accreta Spectrum (CPAS)

MUSC Women’s Health has established a Center of Excellence called the Center for Placenta Accreta Spectrum to meet the growing needs of women diagnosed with morbidly adherent placenta (ex. placenta accreta, placenta increta, placenta percreta).

Placenta accreta occurs when the placenta attaches too deeply to the uterine wall. Typically the placenta detaches from the uterine wall following childbirth. In women with this condition, the placenta remains fully or partially attached resulting in severe blood loss following delivery.

There is an epidemic of morbidly adherent placentas with recent data suggesting one in 272 pregnancies in South Carolina are now affected. There is significant risk for both morbidity and mortality from hemorrhage and damage to nearby organs. Prior cesarean (c-section) delivery is the primary risk factor, as well as placenta previa, prior uterine surgery and suspicious ultrasound findings.

Early detection and diagnosis is key in preparing for this potentially catastrophic condition. Most deliveries are scheduled at 34-35 weeks. Every case requires significant planning and coordination of care.

The Center is staffed by a multi-specialty team that focuses on the diagnosis, planning, surgical and medical management of these complex cases. Experienced specialists in maternal fetal medicine, gynecologic oncology and pelvic surgery, anesthesia, neonatology, urology, trauma, nursing all work together to provide cutting-edge care. It is not unusual for as many as 45-50 specialists to be involved in a single case of placenta accreta.

The MUSC team is available for consultation, ultrasound evaluation and counseling either in person or via telemedicine to help evaluate a patient. In addition, patients can be seen in MUSC satellite offices in North Charleston, Florence, Bluffton and at the main campus in Charleston. Often the CPAS team can provide reassurance to the patient that the risk is low and local delivery can proceed as planned.

Physicians interested in consulting with the CPAS team can schedule an appointment at the MUSC Prenatal Wellness Center or an outreach office by calling 843-792-1414.