Emergency Department

When a medical emergency strikes, the Lowcountry looks to experts at MUSC Health. We offer fast, expert treatment for complex injuries, life-threatening illnesses and serious health complications. Our team of specialists stands ready 24 hours a day to care for heart attack, stroke, accidents, and other serious medical problems. 

Expert Care Close to Home

Medical emergencies require prompt access to specialized care. You’ll find that care at MUSC Health. MUSC Health is home to several nationally recognized programs that help adults and children survive medical emergencies and return to their everyday lives. Our commitment to delivering the highest level of care has helped MUSC Health earn prestigious designations you’ll only find in leading programs.

These programs and designations include:

  • Comprehensive Stroke Center: We are the first program in South Carolina recognized as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the Joint Commission. This designation means we offer timely access to the best available treatments, including clot-busting drugs and surgery when necessary. Find out more about our Comprehensive Stroke Center.
  • Accredited Chest Pain Center: MUSC Health’s Chest Pain Center is accredited by the Joint Commission. Our team includes world-class cardiovascular specialists who quickly come together to diagnose problems associated with chest pain, such as heart attacks. Learn more about the Chest Pain Center.
  • Adult Level I Trauma Center: MUSC Health is home to the only Level I trauma center in the Lowcountry. This designation means we have teams of experts who stand ready to care for people with the most severe injuries and sudden, dangerous illnesses, including internal bleeding. Read more about the Trauma Center.
  • Pediatric Level I Trauma Center: MUSC Health offers South Carolina’s only full-service pediatric emergency program along with a Level I trauma center. We treat children with severe illnesses and injuries at the MUSC Children's Health Emergency Department.

Emergency Department Locations

Emergency Room at Ashley River Tower

Ashley River Tower
25 Courtenay Drive
Charleston, SC 29425
Scheduling: 843-876-7168

Emergency Room Jonathan Lucas

96 Jonathan Lucas Street
Charleston, SC 29425
Scheduling: 843-792-3826

Leaders in Emergency Care

We are the only program in the Lowcountry offering specialized care for life- and limb-threatening illnesses, including immediate access to stroke and heart attack treatments. We use a team approach that research has demonstrated can help achieve excellent results.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Highly Skilled Doctors: All of our doctors are board-certified, meaning they have passed rigorous exams and offer years of experience in emergency medicine. Many doctors have also completed specialized training (fellowships) in areas such as brain injuries and emergency ultrasound-directed therapies.
  • Advanced Imaging Technology: Our dedicated high-speed computed tomography (CT) scanner is the most advanced of its kind. The scanner produces high-resolution images of injured areas as quickly as possible. We also offer bedside ultrasound, which uses sound waves to capture images of organs and deliver treatments with a high degree of precision.  
  • Research: MUSC Health is advancing the field of emergency medicine through research. Our interests include care for heart attacks, stroke, infections, substance abuse and snakebites. These efforts are improving care for some of our community’s most pressing medical needs. Find out more about clinical trials and research at MUSC Health.
  • Specialized Nursing Care: Our team includes nurses who have completed additional training and passed a rigorous exam to become certified emergency nurses (CEN). Many of our nurses maintain certifications in trauma care and basic life support. This level of training helps us deliver the specialized care you need. 

Providing Emergency Support Services Throughout the Lowcountry

Our genuine concern for the community’s well-being means extending our reach to help doctors and patients all over the Lowcountry.

Additional Emergency Department include:

  • Virtual Assessment for Stroke: Through our telestroke program, we can help rapidly assess patients in rural areas who are experiencing stroke-like symptoms. Using special teleconferencing equipment, we work with local doctors to coordinate care. Our services make it possible for people to receive expert care close to home or transfer to MUSC Health only when medically necessary. Find out more about our Neuroscience Telehealth programs.
  • Training for Local First Responders: As area leaders in Emergency Department, we provide training to local EMS providers. This training helps first responders deliver research-proven care even before you reach the hospital. You can ask any EMS provider to bring you to MUSC Health.

Specialized Emergency and Follow-Up Care

At MUSC Health, you have around-the-clock access to experienced doctors in nearly every medical specialty. For complex problems, we may coordinate with MUSC Health specialists for testing and treatments. These specialists can provide follow-up care to help you feel like yourself again.  

We deliver specialized emergency care for:

  • Eye Problems: We are one of few programs in the Lowcountry treating eye emergencies, such as a sudden loss of vision. Our team includes ophthalmologists who specialize in caring for every part of the eye, including the cornea (the thin outer layer of the eye). Find out more about Storm Eye Institute.
  • Complications from Cancer Treatments: Cancer can make something as simple as a fever life-threatening. Our nationally recognized cancer experts are available to assist emergency doctors whenever necessary. Read more about Hollings Cancer Center.
  • Liver and Digestive Disease: Doctors specializing in digestive health are on-site at all times. These experts can treat emergencies such as liver failure and intestinal bleeding. Learn more about our Digestive Disease Center.
  • Heart Disease: We offer immediate testing and treatment for life-threatening problems such as an irregular heartbeat. We use the latest imaging technologies to deliver an accurate diagnosis. Members of our cardiology team are on-site to provide the care you need right away. Learn more about our Heart and Vascular Center.
  • Brain Injuries: For serious injuries, including stroke and bleeding in the brain, our neurosurgeons stand ready to deliver care whenever necessary. A high-speed CT scanner enables us to pinpoint the source of the problem so you can get the treatments you need as quickly as possible. Read more about MUSC's Neuroscience Services Program
  • Orthopaedic Injuries: We are one of the few Lowcountry programs caring for complex injuries, including pelvic and hip fractures. Learn more about our Orthopaedic Services.