General Otolaryngology

There are several members of the Otolaryngology Department at MUSC Health that do not necessarily limit their practice to a specific “subspecialty”. These “General Otolaryngologists” and their respective Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners play a vital role in seeing and treating patients with a wide range of ENT related disorders in both adults and children. Our generalists also serve as a vital link between our patients, their referring doctors and other members of our Department. Quite often, patients are able to see one of our generalist quickly to start the process of their evaluation even in those instances when subspecialty care may ultimately be required. Labs, x-rays and other diagnostic studies can be initiated by the generalist who, in turn, can help expedite getting patients in to see the right specialist in a timely fashion.

Members of the General Otolaryngology Division are often available to see patients with very little wait for appointments. Same day and next day appointments can often be offered. We offer 3 convenient locations for our patients: Rutledge Tower/Downtown Charleston, North Charleston and Health East Cooper/ Mt. Pleasant. Our satellite clinics typically receive some of the highest scores on patient experience surveys. These scores are an accurate reflection of our dedication and commitment to providing our patients with the highest quality care possible in a friendly and caring environment.

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