Nutrition Services

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Dietitian Program

Whether you're interested in sports nutrition or general healthy eating, our registered dietitian can help. Our customized nutrition programs - both in-person and virtual - are designed around your unique needs so you can be the very best version of yourself.

If you're active on social media or watch the news, you probably are confused about what type of diet is right for you. Low carb, "keto", low fat, intermittent fasting, gluten free, - the list goes on and on. The truth is that diets are not "one size fits all" and they need to be personalized to YOU. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, but only a registered dietitian has completed multiple layers of education and training established by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. This is why it is imperative to meet with an expert who can help customize your plan.

Offering individualized consultations, sports performance programming, meal planning assistance, a gut microbiome package, and more, our registered dietitian provides you with tools that you can easily apply to your lifestyle.

Meet Your Dietitian

Alaine MillsAlaine Mills is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and has degrees in Nutrition and Kinesiology. She has experience in many areas from weight management to disease-specific diets and beyond. Alaine's nutrition philosophy is that all foods can fit into a healthy diet and she focuses on a "food first" approach. Alaine works in collaboration with her clients to create attainable short- and long-term goals that become permanent lifestyle changes.

Nutrition Programs

Individual Consultation & Sessions

Nutrition counseling is available to anyone who is interested in focusing on their diet and healthy habits. Registered dietitians can help with any dietary concerns including management of chronic diseases, guidance navigating food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances, and strategies to improve athletic performance.

Currently, the Health & Wellness Institute offers a 60-minute initial nutrition consultation and 30-minute follow-up sessions.

  • The first meeting with the dietitian will begin with a complete nutrition and medical history including the option to add on a body composition
  • Realistic plans can be created based on individualized goals and lifestyles
  • Continued follow up appointments can be made as desired
  • We also offer a Body Transformation Package to help you to lose weight by connecting with our Registered Dietitian, Health Coach, & Athletic Trainer to create a flexible, customized weight loss plan customized for your lifestyle!

3 Month Meal Planning Program

Meet with the dietitian to receive personalized, customizable weekly meal plans through our interactive meal planning platform, EatLove. Your meal plan is tailored to your goals, food preferences, and/or medical conditions, including: general healthy diet, weight management, high fiber, low sodium, plant based, human performance, and more. You will receive meal plans each week complete with recipes, grocery lists, and an easy prep guide. You can even have your groceries delivered directly to your home via Instacart! Sign up on the Healthie website.

Gut Health Program

A healthy gut and digestive system supports a healthy body overall. Work with our dietitian to assess your gut health and come up with a personalized plan to improve it. Our dietitian will ask you questions about your current diet and gastrointestinal symptoms. You will then work together to add more diverse, plant-based options to your diet than can improve your gut health. This may improve your immune system, energy levels, and even help you lose weight. You may also choose to add on an optional gut microbiome test that will give you additional information about your gut health. Visit the Healthie website to schedule.

Sports Nutrition Services

Health Wellness Institute Sports Nutrition Services

Our dietitian provides sports nutrition services for recreational and competitive athletes and can work with adults and adolescents

Individual and group sports nutrition counseling sessions highlighting:

  • Hydration
  • Meal planning & prepping
  • Sports nutrition products & supplements
  • Eating before & after exercise
  • Eating on the road
  • Nutrition support for injury recovery and return to play
  • Body composition testing & education

For individual assistance, book a 60-minute initial nutrition consultation. To set up sports nutrition services for your sports team or school, email or call 843-985-0802.

Guest Speaker for Your Group or Event

The dietitian can provide businesses with professional topics to include, but not limited to, general healthy eating, meal planning, label reading, virtual grocery store tours, dining out, and sports nutrition.

For additional information about the program, please send us an email at or call 843-985-0802.