DARI Motion

Photo of trainer, Mike Sole, reviewing DARI results with patient

Revolutionize the way you analyze your body’s motion with DARI Motion. DARI Motion is the one and only FDA-approved all-in-one motion analysis system that provides 3D markerless motion in just minutes!

You won’t find DARI Motion anywhere else in South Carolina for public use except at the MUSC Health & Wellness Institute. This game-changing technology is already being used by select collegiate institutions and professional sports teams to improve performance.

Patient performing DARI Motion analysis

Here’s how it works: You’ll perform functional activities, like sitting and standing, while patented technology and cameras track your every move. But what sets this system apart from others is its markerless motion technology, which allows the DARI system to scan and process your results in mere minutes—without any equipment or technology attached to your body! It’s all wireless!

Once the data is captured, the DARI Motion crunches it and processes your results within just 20 seconds, delivering you a personalized, comprehensive report on your motion health. Your data will be compared to relevant populations, including specific age, gender, and sports demographics, providing unparalleled insights.

So why wait? Try out DARI Motion today and see the future of motion analysis for yourself!

Reviewing DARI Motion results

Areas that are measured include:

  • Performance
  • Mobility
  • Alignment
  • Force
  • Sway

Who can benefit from DARI Motion?

  • Employers seeking to decrease workplace injuries and maintain a healthy workforce
  • Students and collegiate athletes looking to decrease their chance of injury while identifying areas to improve athletic performance
  • Health and wellness enthusiasts that utilize data-driven technology to optimize their performance and enhance their longevity
  • Healthcare providers and individuals concerned about bone health and stability, or individuals impacted with neurological symptoms with balance and stability concerns

DARI Motion Services for Individuals

Lear more and schedule through the Healthie app by clicking on the packages below. Individuals may also schedule by calling 843-985-0802.

Wellness Package

Protect yourself from injury and increase your strength! The DARI scan will efficiently evaluate each joint of your body and determine your joint age. With this new actionable data, we can create a care plan unique to your body. Sign up now for the Wellness package which will include an original scan and interpretation of results. Live your best life NOW!

Sports Performance Package

Injuries sideline even the best players. What if using science and technology decrease our likelihood of getting injured so we could perform our best all the time! The Dari scan will not only identify areas of improvement to decrease injury, but help create an individualized plan for you to follow. Want to get an extra 3 MPH on your fastball? Improve your throwing mechanics to hit a wide receiver on a quick slant?

Premium Sports Performance Package

The Dari scan will not only help decrease your chances of getting injured, but with the use of force plates can help improve your performance too! Work with one of our strength and conditioning experts to determine how to create the most power and improve your athletic performance!

DARI Motion Services for Employers

The MUSC Health & Wellness Institute can create customized packages for employers. The Institute can also bring the technology to a place of employment for testing, or employees may visit the Institute’s location.

To learn more about the DARI Motion Executive Health offerings, please call 843-985-0802.