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Health Wellness Institute Exercise and Human Performance


Our Athletic Trainer works directly with you to create custom exercise programs to help you achieve optimal performance on and off of the field. Whether you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, we have the expertise and tools to guide your fitness journey. Our athletic trainers have years of experience with professional and collegiate teams, bringing with them the latest technology and research to help delivery results.

We also offer a recovery room featuring state-of-the art and evidence-based recovery modalities, including several Hyperice products such as their popular Normatec Recovery Boots used by various pro athletes.

Meet Your Athletic Trainer

Mike Sole of the MUSC Health & Wellness Institute helps a client exercise.Michael Sole brings elite level athletic training services to the Charleston area after working within the New York Yankees organization for six years. He has worked with all populations, from high school to professional athletes, and is here to help you create and execute on a customized human performance plan to help you reach your individualized health goals. Where exercise meets medicine is where Michael's services begin to help you feel your best and to perform optimally on the field or in the office.

Services Offered

Have you been dealing with a nagging hamstring injury? Or a shoulder that just doesn't feel right? Can't perform everything your friends are doing in the gym? Meet with our athletic trainer to discuss how those limitations will no longer hold you back as you get a unique exercise program to help improve the way you move and how you feel. Everyone is different and that is why you need a program made for you! Not only will you train at your highest level, but will have the resources to recover like a professional athlete. Movement is medicine in our state-of-the-art functional fitness exercise space.

Our athletic trainer will help you work toward achieving your exercise and fitness goals through individualized sessions (one-to-one or small group exercise sessions available). Add-on recovery services are available for any session.

Complimentary Consultation

A 15-minute complimentary consultation with our athletic trainer to discuss a tailored program for your unique exercise and fitness goals; includes injury prevention, corrective exercises, and strength and conditioning components to make you feel the best you have in years.

Initial Consult & Movement Screen

Initial consultation with client about their exercise goals including: range of motion/strength assessment and functional movement screen. Tour of the recovery room and recovery modalities, body composition screening and evaluation. After your consult, book a follow-up 1:1 session with our athletic trainer to work towards the goals you set during the consult. You may also book a small group initial consult.

Body Composition Improvement Package

The Body Composition Improvement Package is designed for those looking to maintain their general body weight while losing body fat and gaining lean body mass. You will work with our sports dietitian, receive a personalized meal plan, and follow an exercise program designed by our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and meet with our Health Coach.

Sports Specific Program

Meet with our Athletic Trainer for 8-weeks to get you to peak performance! This package is designed to help those who are focused on taking their game to the next level. Want to get stronger? Faster? Jump higher? Call now for your free 15 min consultation!

Injury Prevention Program

Our Human Performance team has developed an injury prevention program based on current research and analysis of sport-specific injuries. Our approach focuses on age-group and sport specific needs and physiologic maturity levels to teach athletes the proper form and techniques required for safe athletic participation. This method is primarily geared toward protecting the joints of the lower extremities and core, and can be adjusted for multiple sports. A variety of strengthening, flexibility, stabilization, and dynamic exercises intended to decrease injuries and enhance an athlete's in-season and off-season training.

Meet with our Athletic Trainer for in Initial Consult. An individualized plan will be created based on your injury history and movement evaluation. This exercise program is designed to help you return to exercising or playing your favorite sport following an injury. Additionally, we will help create a plan to help decrease your likelihood of sustaining another injury so you can stay on the field!

Interested in learning more or want to schedule for your club sport, team or request an individual session? Send us an email at healthandwellness@musc.edu or call 843-985-0802.

Add-On Services

  • Traditional cupping therapy helps mobilize soft tissue/fascia, increase blood flow, release toxins, and promote a healing environment
  • Red light cupping combines traditional cupping therapy with red light and vibration to allow for optimal recovery, as well as muscle relaxation
  • Air massage/compression on lower or upper boy limbs to promote blood flow and flush out toxins
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Decreases recovery time
  • Manual hand-based therapy to help mobilize fascia and improve range of motion
  • Increases blood flow
  • Reduces muscle tightness
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Active recovery using electrical stimulation to improve muscle recovery
  • Promotes an ideal environment for cellular recovery
  • Exercise-related pain relief
  • Better recovery translates to decrease of injury
  • Improves vascularity which improves conditioning of muscles so they can work longer and harder without breakdown
  • Increases range of motion and promotes blood flow to a specified area of the body
  • Decreases pain and inflammation as a result of increased range of motion
  • Breaks up scar tissue to promote healing process
  • Helps treat chronic conditions