Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Rahm Ravenell

MUSC Health delivers world-class foot and ankle care close to home. You have access to the best available treatments for issues such as arthritis, bunions and other deformities, sports injuries, tendon issues and diabetic foot problems.

Our team of experts works together to personalize your care, allowing you to achieve excellent results. Our patients frequently recover quickly. After treatment, many people resume their favorite activities with few complications.

Foot and Ankle Surgery at MUSC Health: Why Choose Us?

MUSC Health delivers comprehensive foot and ankle care, including evaluations, nonsurgical services and surgery.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Internationally renowned experts: Our doctors are at the leading edge of foot and ankle care. We train surgeons on the latest techniques, including minimally invasive procedures and ankle replacements.
  • Innovative care options: We were among the first programs in South Carolina offering surgery using 3D bone printing. This approach leads to a quicker recovery and a better range of motion. Read more about 3D printed talus replacement.
  • Latest treatments: We are among the few South Carolina programs investigating ways to advance care for complex foot and ankle problems. These efforts mean we have years of experience delivering newer therapies, often before they become widely available.

Coordinated Foot and Ankle Care From Orthopaedists and Podiatrists

Our team approach means you receive the care that best meets your medical needs and personal preferences.

Our team includes:

  • Orthopaedic surgeons who treat problems affecting bones, muscles and soft tissue in your feet and ankles
  • Podiatrists who treat issues affecting the foot and ankle, including skin and nail disease

Advanced Treatments for Foot and Ankle Problems

MUSC Health offers sophisticated foot and ankle procedures, giving you more options for healing — even if previous treatments failed to relieve your symptoms.

As an academic medical center, we deliver options that are not widely available in South Carolina. Our team has decades of experience, so you can count on us for precise treatments that help you achieve your care goals.

Advanced treatment options include:

  • Ankle replacement surgery: We remove ankle joints that have become stiff or worn out due to injury or arthritis. Then we implant a replacement device to restore your mobility.
  • Limb salvage: We treat severe problems, including nerve damage and reduced blood flow, that put you at risk for amputation. Read more about vascular disease care.
  • Reconstructive surgery: Our experts correct abnormal structures to relieve pain and restore more natural foot movement. We also treat diabetic foot problems such as Charcot foot.
  • Revision surgery: If a previous surgery did not produce the results you were expecting or symptoms return, we may be able to perform a corrective procedure.

Diabetic Foot Care

We perform detailed exams to catch early signs of injuries, infections and bone issues that are common in people with diabetes. We also specialize in reversing damage from Charcot foot. Read more about diabetes services at MUSC Health.

Trusted care for diabetic patients includes:

  • Preventive treatments: Customized shoe inserts (orthotics) that relieve pressure and allow wounds to heal
  • Nonsurgical care: Medications to prevent infections and special bandages to keep the area clean
  • Minimally invasive surgery: Procedures to remove infected tissue using small incisions and sophisticated tools

Nonsurgical Treatment for Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries

MUSC Health cares for active people of all levels, including professional athletes. We help you get relief from problems such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon pain, so you can get back to the activities you love.

Our services include:

  • Custom orthotics: Our team includes an experienced orthotist who helps many people avoid surgery with custom orthotics, bracing and splinting.
  • Care for new injuries: If you have concerning symptoms such as sudden pain or swelling, you don’t have to wait long to feel better. Our doctors deliver timely care in multiple locations throughout the region.