After Your Surgery

  • The surgeon will update your designated support person in the waiting room. You may still be in the operating room at this time with the anesthesia staff.
  • You will be transferred from the operating room to the PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit). This area is where you will recover from your procedure before you are sent to a room or discharged from the hospital. This area is sometimes called the recovery room.
  • The PACU nurse will contact your designated support person in the waiting room to provide them with an update after arrival in PACU.
  • If staying overnight in the hospital, you will not be assigned a room until you are in PACU (the recovery room). The PACU nurse will notify your designated support person of the room number as soon as your room is assigned.
  • If there will be a delay in transferring you out of the PACU, your designated support person may be allowed to see you for a short visit based on how you are feeling.

Important Note: If you are going to be discharged home after surgery, please make sure the person who will be responsible for taking you home stays in the waiting area. The PACU nurses will need to talk to this person and give them important information for your postoperative care at home.

Your surgery will be cancelled if you do not have a responsible adult with you.