Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read through some of our frequently asked questions to help inform you of what to expect during your stay with us. If you have any questions that have not been addressed, please feel free to ask your surgical care team or contact our Preoperative Clinic at 843-876-0116.

How Long Will My Surgery Take?

The length of surgery varies greatly depending on the patient and the procedure itself. Your preoperative (pre-op) nurse can give you the estimated length of your procedure, but prior to you going back to the operating room, your surgical team will be coming by to discuss your surgery with you. They will be able to give you more details regarding how long your surgery will last.

Will I See My Surgical Care Team Before Going Into the Operating Room?

Yes. Your surgical care team will come to see you in the preoperative area to review your consent, procedure, and make sure your questions are answered prior to proceeding to the operating room.

Who Will Be Back in the Operating Room With Me?

Other than your surgeon(s), the anesthesia team and the operating room nurses will be back in the operating room with you. Before going to surgery, the anesthesia team and operating room nurses will come to the preoperative area to introduce themselves.

Will I Be In Pain After My Procedure?

You can expect some discomfort after surgery, but the amount of pain can depend on the procedure being performed. The anesthesia team will work closely with you while in the recovery room to help manage your pain. If you have concerns about your post-op pain control, please ask your anesthesia team when they come to speak with you. Please let your preoperative and recovery room nurses know if you are in pain so they can help make you more comfortable during your time with us.

Will My Family Be Able to Come Back to the Preoperative Area to See Me Before I Go to the Operating Room?

Yes, your family will be able to see you prior to going to the operating room. The nurse or tech will come and get family or friends from the waiting room after you are prepped and ready for surgery. If you have multiple family members with you, we ask that only two come back to visit at a time. This is to help maintain the privacy of you and other patients.

Will My Family Be Informed of How I’m Doing During My Surgery?

Yes, the operating room will be calling out to the surgical waiting room periodically to update family or the designated supported person.

Will My Family Be Able to Talk to the Surgeon When My Procedure Is Finished?

Yes, the surgical team will be out to speak with family or friends following your procedure. However, you may still be in the operating room waking up from anesthesia at this time. Depending on the surgeon’s preference, your family may be asked to meet with the surgeon in a conference room for privacy purposes.

How Long After My Procedure Before My Family Will Be Able to Come Back to the Recovery Room?

We will bring your family to see you in the recovery area as soon as possible. Everyone responds to anesthesia differently, and we want to make sure your immediate postoperative needs are addressed prior to bringing family and friends back. When you arrive and check in for surgery, your family will be given a code and tracking number. This allows your family to track your progress during your surgical experience while also protecting your privacy.

Will I Have to Spend the Night in the Hospital? & If So, For How Long?

Your surgical team is in charge of making this decision, and it may not be determined until after your procedure. Make sure to ask the surgical team when they come by to speak with you so you can make the necessary arrangements.

What Room Will I Be Staying In If I’m Admitted? & Can My Family Spend the Night at the Hospital With Me?

Room assignments are made after your procedure is complete. You will be given this information in the recovery room.

During times when the hospital is at maximum capacity, there is a chance you may spend the night in the recovery room. If this is the case, you will be moved over to a more comfortable bed, but your family may not be able to spend the night with you. Please ask your nurse if this is a possibility so you are able to make other sleeping arrangements, if needed.

Can My Belongings Stay In My Pre-Op Bay While I’m In Surgery?

We are not able to keep your belongings in the preoperative area once you go to surgery because you will not be returning to this area. After leaving the preoperative area, you will be going to the sterile operating room and then the recovery room before being admitted into your inpatient room or discharged home. To help ensure your belongings are taken care of and accounted for, your designated support person will be responsible for your personal items.