Preparing for Your Surgery

Prior to your surgery, your doctor will explain the benefits and risks associated with the surgical procedure you are about to undergo. You will also be given instructions that you must follow before and after your surgery.

  • Carefully read all of the material you are given.
  • Take notes and ask questions if you are unsure about what is being discussed.
  • Review pre-operative and post-operative check-lists.
  • Share all of the information you receive with a close relation or friend.
  • Make sure your health care provider is aware of your upcoming surgery.
  • Be aware of how much time it will take to heal, and how limited you will be during the healing process.
  • Keep a list of contact numbers along with the material you are given.
  • People who have had similar procedures at MUSC are a good resource. Talk to them about their experiences.
  • Get all prescriptions filled in advance before you leave the hospital. Carefully read the instructions on your medications. Buy any medical dressings and lotions that you will need after you are discharged.

Our staff will explain the procedures for changing dressings and care for your procedure site. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully.